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TestsChecker is first class OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) software for processing tests, surveys and polls. It is a recognition program for marks, checkboxes and barcodes from paper forms.
The program automatically recognizes data from scanned forms and record sheets. Part of the process is basic data evaluation, with wide possibilities of exporting data for further evaluation. Forms can be created in a text editor and printed on a standard printer.


Reliable and Powerful

Forms are recognized with high reliability. The software is often used for certification and admission exams. The high processing speed allows recognition of hundreds of forms per minute. The software is capable of processing 700 pages per minute on commodity hardware.


Visual Template Editor

Templates for recognition are created in the graphical visual editor. Template creation is easy, fast and comfortable.


TestsChecker can process forms with barcodes. Barcodes can be used for example to identify a form, or a participant.

Print and Scan Anywhere

TestsChecker can recognize forms created in a common text editor. No need to buy specialized scanners or pre-printed forms. Forms can be distributed in PDF and end-users can print them and send back scanned images or paper forms.

Clean and Efficient Design

TestsChecker has a modern design which helps users to process forms faster. The user interface is intuitive and requires only very short training.


Form recognition can be highly customized. There are many detail settings in the TestsChecker. Most of the values are pre-set with the values based on our many years' experience.

Automated Form Processing

TestsChecker is used for processing a large amount of forms. The new component Tests Checker Droid allows continuous monitoring of the directory and processing of all incoming forms.

Support of Multiple Choice Questions

A question can have one or multiple answers. The software allows the evaluation of questions with single or multiple answers.



Form processing is performed in several steps. The processing steps are shown in the diagram below.

  1. Design and creating the form
  2. Creating the template for processing the form
  3. Scanning filled forms
  4. Recognition of forms and export results

Product purchase options:

Licence Price EUR/USD
(VAT not included)
Price EUR
(VAT included, EU customers)
New licence * € 1,020 $ 1,380 € 1,234 Buy
Subscription renewal
(1 year)
€ 286 € $ 389 € 346  

 License for primary and secondary schools (non-university schools)

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*  Each Registered user will receive free of charge all major updates and bug fixes for the period of one year and unlimited support for 60 days from purchase of product deployment. Support is provided by phone and e-mail.

You can buy a special licence in the case of one-off form processing. Our team is ready to discuss your needs.


We have prepared a quick introduction to TestsChecker. You can use these short tutorials to familiarize yourself with TestsChecker more quickly.

Basic Steps to using TestsChecker

Part 1 - How to recognize scanned forms (5 min.)

This tutorial shows how to recognize several filled forms and how to make correction in ambiguous fields.

Part 2 - Create new template (5-10 min.)

This tutorial shows how to create a new template for recognition.

Free Trials

The trial version is fully functional and can be used for recognition without any limitation. Only the first three records can be exported from the batch. TestsChecker Editor has no limitations.

You can activate the full version any time by purchasing an activation key.

Thank you for trying LightComp software.

Current version:

Installation package: TestsChecker- (15MB)



Step-by-step tutorials and videos are available to guide you through the complete process of form processing. There is also full documentation for the TestsChecker.

TestsChecker development started in 1998. TestsChecker is highly accurate and reliable. The software is used in education, medicine and other areas for paper form processing.

TestsChecker is used in more than a hundred secondary schools for admission exams, in several universities in the Czech Republic and other educational assessment centres such as

The software is used to process paper forms in medicine and pharmacy. Such processing is used as a data collection technique for carrying out clinical studies and statistical surveys.


SCIO Scio is engaged in the development of state-of-the-art products and services aimed at education and student assessment. Since 1996 Scio has administered and carried out hundreds of thousands of exams, and numerous surveys and projects.

TestsChecker is used in Scio for the evaluation of all types of exams and surveys. Its high level of reliability allows TestsChecker to be used for admission exams.



We are ready to assist you with your form processing project.