eDocuments Scan - Application Integration

Program eDocuments Scan can be easily integrated with yout application or bussiness process and you can create highly effective scanning solution. There are several interfaces for different types and levels of integration. The easist integration can be done in a few minutes.

Types of integration with eDocuments Scan:

  1. Integration via Command Line
  2. Data Export
    • to the file system
    • to the web service
  3. COM interface
  4. User Module

You can read brief characteristic of each type of integration, advantages of such integration and select optimal solution. Our consultants are ready to assist you.


There is available SDK (Software Developer Kit) for application integration. This SDK contains documentation, examples and other files necessery for tight integration. SDK is common for all our application based on Tahiti platform. You can download SDK here:

Integration via Command Line

The easist way to integrate scanning with your application is to use simple command line interface.  Via this interface you can scan document, export such document into given directory and call some other functions. You have to get file scan2pdf.vbs to use this interface. File is part of the SDK and is in the directory sdk/scripts/vbs. This script run eDocuments Scan, scan one document using default scanning profile and save scanned pages to PDF file. Script returns 0 if action was succesfull or error code if failed.

Example of usage:

scan2pdf.vbs c:\temp\output.pdf

You are free to modify this skript or attach it to your application.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • very fast solution
  • easy integration
  • independent of programming language
  • only some parameters can be set

Data Export

Scanned documents can be exported to the file system in desired file format or directly send to the web service over HTTP. There is article How to store scanned documents with detail description of export features. It is possible to export individual document or sets of documents (batch).

Advantages Disadvantages
  • very comfortable solution for users and administrators
  • detail settings of file format and data structure for exported documents
  • no programming at all
  • you cannot crate your own export modules

COM Interface

COM interface allows to create tight and advance integration of eDocuments Scan and your application. You can change visibility of main application window, start scanning and run export. This integration can be done with any language supporting COM interfaces like .Net (C#), Delphi, Visual Basic, C++, VB Script and many others.

SDK contains several examples of integration and you are free to use them and modify.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • full control of application, scanning and export
  • very comfortable for user
  • tight integration with your application
  • not as easy as other types of integration

User Module

Scanned documents can be exported in several different file formats and to the file system or web service. If you are not fully comfortable with neither of them you can create your own export module. Such export module can be created very similiar way like creating extension module for Firefox (XPCOM interfaces, C++ or JavaScript). All necessery parts for creating such export module are part of SDK. We can also create such module for your.

Our consultants are ready to assist you with your integration.