We prepared quick introduction for eDocuments Scan. Click on the image to run the tutorial.

Available tutorials:

  1. First Steps - Scan to DPF (2min.)
  2. Scanning Profiles (4min)


  1. User Guide

How to store scanned documents

Scanned documents are temporarily stored in the internal structure of eDocuments Scan. When the document is scanned and checked it is possible to save document by document or all documents (the whole batch) at one time. Documents can be stored in a file system or sent to a web service (over HTTP). The appropriate way of storing the documents depends on your needs. The following storage types are available:

eDocuments Scan - Application Integration

Program eDocuments Scan can be easily integrated with yout application or bussiness process and you can create highly effective scanning solution. There are several interfaces for different types and levels of integration. The easist integration can be done in a few minutes.