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Ikona fj5750ceDocuments Scan is a professional software for document scanning. The software can be used in small offices as well as in connection with high speed scanners.

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Efficient document scanning

eDocuments Scan is a sophisticated program for document scanning. It is compatible with TWAIN and WIA compliant scanners including Flatbed, ADF and duplex scanners. The program has advanced features for batch scanning.

Scanning profiles

Resolution, colour settings, paper size and other scanning parameters can be defined in the scanning profiles. They can be modified very easily. Using scanning profiles highly improves your scanning productivity.

PDF Export

The scanned images can be reordered and visualy checked before final export. Finished documents can be saved as a single or multipage TIFF or PDF file or in many other common graphic formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP. PDF files can be digitally signed.

Image Enhancement

The application includes a number of image enhancement functions such as smart quality control, automatic rotation, deskew, inverse. eDocuments Scan also detects blank pages, separation pages, and barcodes (1D and 2D, including PDF-417).


Advanced Export Features

eDocuments Scan allows the data to be stored in a defined directory structure or to be uploaded to a web service. The directory structure and the target format can be defined in the profile. The user can easily export data with this profile with a single click. There are setting options for file naming scheme, automatic indexing and other parameters.


Basic Features

  • Efficient document scanning
  • Sophisticated user interface
  • Parallel processing with high throughput

Compatible Scanners

  • Almost all scanners or MFD (Multi Function Device) in use today
  • Flatbad scanners
  • Middle-rande and High-End scanners with feeder, duplex scanners
  • Twain 1.9
  • WIA drivers - V1 (Windows XP) and V2 (Windows Vista/7)

Batch scanning

  • Scan more documents at one time
  • Separation sheets - automatic detection of the new document
  • Blank page detection – blank pages are detected and removed from further processnig

Image Enhancement

eDocuments Scan is using several optimalization techniques to achieve the best document quality and minimize the size of the document, such as the following:

  • Smast Quality Control - the application automatically selects the most suitable compression and other settings for the scanned document, however the image is still available in other compression levels and user can select another one.
  • Adaptive threshold – a technique to preserve the readability of the text when converting the image to the black-and-white format.
    Obrázek 1: Adaptabilní thrasholding
  • Deskew - detection of the inclination of the scanned image and its automatic correction.
  • Post-scanning operations - e.g. the rotation function can be applied to every scanned image.
  • User modules – custom modules can be add, e.g. to remove specific background.

Supported Formats

  • Support of many common file formats (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, etc.)
  • Industry standard TIFF compressions: CCITT T.6 (Group 4), CCITT T.3, LZW, JPEG
  • Save documents to PDF
    • PDF with digital signature
    • PDF/A for long term archiving (comply with ISO 19005-1:2005)


Barcode recognition - 1d (EAN 13, Code 128, Code 39, etc.), 2d (PDF417, Data Matrix, QR Code, etc.). The extracted data can be sent to further processing or used for file naming or for document separation.

Exports and File Structure

The scanned documents can be subsequently processed in further programs and applications. eDocuments Scan includes the following settings:

  • Definition of file and directory naming scheme
  • Automatic file indexing
  • Possibility to call an external application to process the scanned data
  • Save documents to directory
  • Send by email
  • Send documents to Web Sevice


  • Integration with other applications
  • COM API with examples is part of the SDK
  • Prepared interfaces for Web Services (Java, .Net)
  • User modules for data export - C++, JavaScript


Scanning is an easy and highly efficient task for acquainted user.

* this feature is not part of the standard version

Purchasing the licence you get free updates for 1 year.

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We have prepared a quick introduction to eDocuments Scan. Click on the image to run the tutorial.

Available tutorials:

  1. First Steps - Scan to DPF (2min.)
  2. Scanning Profiles (4min)


  1. User Guide

Download a 10-day fully functional trial version of eDocuments Scan. When the trial period expires you can still use this version; however a small stamp will be placed to each scanned page. No other restrictions will apply.

You can any time activate the full version by purchasing an activation key.

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Current version:

Installation package: eDocumentsScan- -en.msi (21MB)



Step by step tutorials and videos are available to guide you through the complete process of scanning documents.

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